Cement Industry – Application Case

Large cement facilities suffer relevant losses each year from unplanned downtime caused by wear and tear of appliances and equipment. In the cement manufacturing process machinery is exposed to severe fatigue due to intensive and continuous usage, as processes imply friction of materials, pressure, vibration, and different degrees of erosion. Even though well established players dedicate relevant investment to prevent this from happening, and expend significant sums of money in maintenance programs, it is really complicated to get ahead of this deterioration, even to avoid unexpected downtime caused by it.


Improvement in throughput


Power savings


Reduction of unplanned downtime


Reduction of maintenance costs

What you get with our HPGR condition monitoring solution:

  • Live Smart readings with least count of 0.1mm with noise or vibrations of 10-15mm of the Movable Roller.
  • Alarm alert if wear and tear is above normal.
  • Real-time cheek plates positions.
  • Accurate prediction of probable wear patterns.
  • ROI for the Client <6 months.