Sensorize and listen to every single machine and material in your factory. This will help you improve work safety, reduce maintenance time and achieve a truly efficient supply chain planning.

Our Industry 4.0 library of smart sensors will provide secure and meaningful insight of the wear and tear of a plant’s equipment and appliances. Data collected will be translated and analysed to elaborate accurate predictions of future failure and malfunction, saving significant profit erosion caused by unplanned downtime and extending critical asset’s useful lifetime. We deliver a proven technology that will enhance safety, throughput and sustainability of industrial processes.


AFA® allows you to run a truly Smart farm, where you can foretell the future parameters of humidity, air temperature, light and soil conditions for each crop; use only as much water as is strictly necessary, eradicate pests before they appear and prevent cattle disease.


AFA® makes it possible to predict health complications before any symptoms appear. This opens a vast array of possibilities, such as:

  • Avoid fatal attacks, strokes or seizures
  • Schedule patient appointments months and years in advance
  • Organize hospital logistics and transportation more efficiently
  • Make the most efficient prescriptions and diet recommendations
  • Avoid dangerous situations for the most fragile section of the population


Thanks to AFA®, we predict natural disasters and avoid tragedies. For example, we can estimate fire expansion ratio in every single particular scenario; design ideal mass evacuation policies or implement the best containment policies to prevent river floods.


The future of cities lies in efficiency and a Smart use of resources. AFA® allows you to predict dangerous rises in pollution levels, design more efficient routes for public transportation, optimize trash collection routes, forecast road deterioration or deploy Smart irrigation systems, amongst many other possibilities.


More secure and more cost-efficient transportation: AFA® tells you just how much gas is strictly necessary for each trip.

Drive safe and save money: AFA® also forecasts the fastest and safest routes for each particular trip, computing millions of variables and improving the logistics of each delivery by avoiding storage incompatibility.


Be always ahead of the competition: AFA® can pick the best location for your new office based on the evolving patterns of consumer habits within the area; predict your competition’s moves to design the best marketing strategy or tell you just how much stock you need for a product during a given period of time.


Your house learns your lifestyle:

AFA® can estimate the peak energy consumption times and program your Smart Home accordingly to help you save money. It also steps up your household security, as it identifies the most dangerous times of day and warns your security system so it can be on alert.