Don’t prevent: predict and avoid!

Technology, machine and human failure or malfunction will always happen. How do you wish to deal with it?

  • Reacting to it once it’s happened is usually costly and dangerous.

  • Trying to prevent it based only on past performance is expensive and mostly inaccurate.

  • Predictive intelligence: the only way to know for sure. The only way to get ahead of it.

Our solutions will empower your organization to evolve from preventive to predictive action. This transition is possible, and we can make it happen.

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Our technology: AFA®

AFA® (Advanced Forward Algorithmic) is a market-leading predictive intelligence technology based on propietary algorithms. We implement and adapt AFA® to each particular case, working with clients across the globe in a diversity of sectors.

We approach every solution in a five step process:


& Propose a Solution using the AFA Technology


Through our engineering partners and library of sensors


And meaningful data file feeding to AFA


Analyse trend, establish cause effect relationships to develop algorithms that can predict with precision future failure.


Presenting actionable and timely insights that help avoid unexpected failure and downtime while extending useful lifetime of the equipment.

Our Vision

Thanks to the latest developments by our experts in artificial intelligence, algorithms, internet of things and big data we can “see” the future TODAY.

From meaningful data gathered and collected by customized IoT systems, our advanced algorithms estimate all possible variables that could lead to malfunction or failure, and we formulate accurate predictions that will help you avoid disaster.

Predictive intelligence: The power of foresight

Our Impact


Less technology and equipment failure


Savings in maintenance costs


Less maintenance downtime


Less workplace accidents

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